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New England Wire Technologies

Specialty Wire Products: Ultra-flexible Single and Multiconductor cable to 500MCM, Round and Rectangular Litz, Braids, Ground straps. Flex Life testing available.
PFC Flexible Circuits Div OSI Electronics

Specialty intensive flexible circuits from one to six layers. Standard material as well as copper and various gold finishes. Photoimagable Coverlays. Catheter flex. Three SMT assembly lines. Heavy Cu to 16 oz. Quick Turn Prototypes thru a sister division.
Storm Power Components

A vertically integrated manufacturer of Custom Electrical Interconnects.  Simple to complex busbars in Cu or AL.  Laminated Power Electronics platforms; Flexible bus: Bus terminated braid, ultra-flexible options with In-house electroplating and over a million pounds of raw material to keep lead times short.
Interact Power

Rack mount AC & DC power distribution equipment. Custom engineered and standard PDU's available.



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